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Aerial Lifts For Better Mobility and Safety

Simplify your task with the aerial lifts from instalfab in Kitchener, Ontario. No matter what job you're tackling, we have the industrial equipment you need to complete it safely and effectively.

Man Pressure Washing On Lift

Aerial & Boom Lifts

Lifting workers up to complete a task aboveground requires careful preparation and the right equipment. Our aerial lifts and boom lifts are used regularly in construction and industrial jobs. Applications include putting in rafters in a residential building or working in silos where the upper reaches are otherwise inaccessible. His equipment is a more efficient and much safer option than using ladders, and allows for more movement while aloft.


Telehandlers are most commonly used in construction and agriculture jobs. In construction, they are used to lift materials into or onto multi-story buildings. It can be used in landscaping and is ideal for loading, unloading, and repositioning materials and equipment.