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Broderson Cranes 
Move material into and out of inaccessible areas with the help of one of the Broderson cranes from instalfab. We also have Spydercranes and mini-lifts with attachments.


Aerial Lift 
Our aerial lifts are a safer alternative to unpredictable ladders when you're trying to reach high spots. These are often needed in a variety of construction and industrial jobs

Aerial Lifts

Protect your workers with the safe and effective industrial equipment from instalfab. Call us at (519) 623-2500.

About Us

Complete your job efficiently and safely with the industrial equipment from instalfab in Kitchener, Ontario. We rent a wide range of industrial and construction equipment, including Broderson cranes, deck cranes, area lifts, Spydercranes, mini-cranes, aerial lifts, and Telehandlers. Whether you need to rent machinery for a day or a month, you'll save money by not having to make a purchase. Our extensive equipment knowledge and reliability will be invaluable to you when you need equipment in a timely manner.

Mission Statement

Your customer counts on you and you depend on equipment to get those projects completed. You've staked your reputation on it. You need machinery that is dependable, cost-effective, and will complete the task you need it for. So whether you're using a crane to lift material into place, raising a worker 135 feet to work on a building with an aerial lift, or just hoisting equipment up and down, instalfab will supply that reliable equipment.


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